U.S. Drought Portal

Photo credit: Andrew Williams

What is the National Drought Resilience Partnership?

What is the Partnership doing to promote drought resilience?

  • Federal Actions to Assist the Drought Emergency: A list of recent Federal actions, programs, and funding opportunities to support communities currently facing drought and to prepare for future drought events
  • Drought Recovery Matrix (download): An “at a glance” overview of federal resources, programs, funding, and authorities available to policy experts, federal and state agencies, and other impacted sectors to navigate the numerous programs and opportunities available to assist in building greater drought resilience (Last Updated in 2012).
  • Upper Missouri River Basin: Building Drought Early Warning Capability in Montana was an NDRP demonstration project in March 2015, sponsored by NIDIS, the National Drought Mitigation Center, Environmental Protection Agency and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation. This link leads to a two page summary of the meeting and the presentations from the workshop.

How does drought response relate to climate preparedness?

  • The President's Climate Action Plan: In June 2013, President Obama released his Climate Action Plan to cut the carbon pollution that causes climate change and affects public health, including increased risk of drought wildfires.
  • Executive Order - Preparing the United States for the Impacts of Climate Change: On November 1, 2013, President Obama established a Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience to advise the Administration on how the Federal Government can respond to the needs of communities nationwide that are dealing with the impacts of climate change, including drought and wildfires.
  • Fact Sheet: Executive Order on Climate Preparedness
  • National Drought Forum Report: In December 2012, Federal agencies and states held the  ational Drought Forum (NDF) to focus on improving government coordination to support the planning and preparedness needed for enhancing resilience to ongoing or reoccurring drought. The NDRP is one important outcome of this forum and continues the Obama Administration’s commitment to helping communities get the drought assistance they need.