U.S. Drought Portal


Regional Drought Early Warning Systems (DEWS)

NIDIS Regional Drought Early Warning Systems (DEWS) explore and demonstrate a variety of early warning and drought risk reduction strategies that incorporate drought monitoring and prediction information in partnership with users and federal, state, regional, and local agencies.  

Given that drought develops and affects parts of the Nation in different ways, the DEWS provide regional mechanisms for drought early warning based on these different needs and drought types (e.g. snowpack in the West, rainfall in the Southeast). The regional DEWS facilitate ongoing assessments and scientifically based outlooks of existing and potential drought conditions and impacts. 

DEWS are established or under development in key drought-prone regions of the Nation.

The DEWS use data and information developed through by the NIDIS monitoring and research components, and from other federal and state agencies, as well as universities, to develop status reports, outlooks, webinars and forums for information exchange. These efforts bring together stakeholders from all levels of government and economic sectors, interagency data providers and resource managers (such as the Department of the Interior, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and USDA), other government agencies, water conservation districts and community members to discuss status of the snowpack, stream flow, reservoir conditions, water demand, and provide short- and long-term forecasts, among other needs.