U.S. Drought Portal



Access information about regional, state, and local sources of drought information as well as information on planning, education, research, and recovery.

Weekly Drought Update

Provides a brief overview of current drought conditions, impacts, and future drought outlooks, as well as looking at the drought in context of the past and climate change.

Local, State, and Regional Resources

Access information from NIDIS partners that provide drought information at these sub-national levels.  Find a contact in a state or region for more drought information.


Learn about the steps you can take to reduce the effects of drought before they happen.


Find resources for K-12 as well as general education related to drought, its causes and impacts.


Learn about new activities that are attempting to help us understand drought and improve our ability to predict drought onset and relief.


Find resources to help you recover from the negative impacts of drought conditions. 


Find information on regional climate outlooks and knowledge assessments.