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National Drought Early Warning Outlook

Thursday February 21, 2013 in Washington DC
10:00 - 12:30 EST
2321 Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2318

The purpose of this Outlook is to have experts from various agencies and organizations present and discuss both current drought conditions and the national climate, water supply, and wildfire outlooks.  For the announcement and agenda for this meeting, click here.

Tom Vilsack, Secretary of Agriculture, and Nancy Sutley, Council on Environmental Quality, review the National Drought Outlook Summary produced for the National Drought Early Warning Outlook Forum at a Western Governors' Association breakfast meeting in Washington, D.C. on February 24.


For the National Drought Outlook Summary, click here.

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10:00 - 10:10       Introduction, Robert Detrick, NOAA


  10:10 - 10:25     U.S. Drought Monitor and Crop Outlook

                                Brad Rippey, Office of the Chief Economist, USDA


  10:25 - 10:40     Seasonal Forecast and Drought Outlook

                                David Miskus, National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, NOAA


  10:40 – 10:55   National Wildfire Outlook

                             Jim Douglas and Peter Teensma, Bureau of Land Management, DOI


  10:55 – 11:10   Snowpack and Streamflow Forecasts, Reservoir and Soil Moisture Conditions

                                 Mike Strobel , Natural Resources Conservation Service, USDA


  11:10 - 11:25     Missouri/Mississippi Streamflow Forecasts

                                Steve Buan, National Weather Service North Central River Forecast Center, NOAA


  11:25- 11:40      Bureau of Reclamation Reservoir Conditions Update and Outlook

                                Dionne Thompson, Bureau of Reclamation, DOI


  11:40 - 11:55     U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Reservoir Conditions Update and Outlook

                                Chandra Pathak , U.S. Army Corps of Engineers


  11:55 - 12:15     Summarize Outlooks; Next Steps and Resources for Preparedness

                                Mike Hayes, National Drought Mitigation Center, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

                                Veva Deheza, NIDIS Program Office, NOAA


  12:15 - 12:30     Closing Remarks


Note that there is no registration required with this event. 

Meeting Contact:

Veva Deheza, NIDIS Program Office

Event Date: 
Thu, Feb 21 2013,
10:00am to 12:30pm