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2017 Regional Mesonet Program Workshop - March 21-23

Event Date & Time

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 (All day) to Thursday, March 23, 2017 (All day)
Champaign, IL

Approximately 30 mesonet managers and climate data service providers will explore ways to collaborate with other mesonets to share expriences and develop proposed methods that will provide sustained, organized, and reliable high-resolution observational data for the long-term monitoring and assessment of surface climate conditions.

Target participants

  • Mesonet managers, operators, and directors
  • Climate and data network experts concerned about cross-network issues, standards, and promotion

Goals of the workshop

  • Identify observational network protocols that could be affordably managed and implemented
  • Leverage shared experiences from other sustained, long-term local and regional networks to identify future actions and priorities
  • Identify product deliverables that would elevate the value of local and regional mesonets when integrated as a collaborative (in conjunction with Midwest Mesonet Partnership Workshop*)
  • Hold an informed discussion between the users and producers of mesonet data to further enhance the ability for mesonets to meet user needs (in conjunction with Midwest Mesonet Partnership Workshop*)
  • Revisit the needs identified during recent Midwest Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) workshops to establish linkages between these needs and the capabilities/values of the mesonets (in conjunction with Midwest Mesonet Partnership Workshop*)
  • Develop key actions to strengthen the RMP-DEWS partnership to better integrate the mesonets into the Midwest DEWS community (in conjunction with Midwest Mesonet Partnership Workshop*)

* Special Note:
This workshop includes the Midwest Mesonet Partners Workshop that is planned for the afternoon of Wednesday, March 22nd through Thursday, March 23.  The Partners Workshop includes all mesonet participants in addition to key stakeholders of mesonet data and value-added tools (e.g., state climatologists, NWS forecasters, U.S. Drought Monitor authors).  The goal of this latter portion of the ~3-day workshop is to focus on key actions, products, tools, and other resources that would complement the monitoring needs of Midwest DEWS stakeholders.  Those mesonet attendees who are outside the Midwest DEWS region are welcome to attend, but may not find these days to be relevant.

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More information

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