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Example image of the Climate Impacts and Outlooks report

Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for Alaska and Northwestern Canada for June – August 2017; outlook for October – December 2017.  Dated September 2017.  

Summer 2017 was significantly warmer than normal over most of the region, though Southeast Alaska and northern British Columbia were, overall, closer to normal. Precipitation, as is often the case in summer, was quite variable. Southern and northern coastal areas were wetter than average. Most inland areas and western Alaska had near normal rainfall but with small dry pockets.

NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Program and partners created these Climate Outlooks to inform the public about recent climate impacts within their respective regions. Each regional report contains easy-to-understand language, and anyone can access them through the Drought Portal at  

NOAA/NIDIS, James Partain
September 27, 2017