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Drought in My Backyard



Download a zip file with everything you need to add this to your website.


How to Use Drought in My Backyard

Can I put the Drought in My Backyard on my Webpage?

Yes. The zip file above contains the code and instructions for how to include this tool in your website.

How is the drought intensity determined?

The base level is set by the US Drought Monitor drought intensity category at the center of a zip code. If only the Drought Monitor were used, the intensity needle would point to the center of each category. However, additional information is included from the Palmer Drought Severity Index (PDSI). If the PDSI within the climate division housing the zip code represents drier conditions than we would normally expect for a particular US Drought Monitor intensity category, the needle on the image is moved a half category clockwise, indicating more intense conditions. If the PDSI show more moist conditions that we would expect within a US Drought Monitor intensity category, the needle is moved one-half category counterclockwise, indicating less intense conditions. Temperature and Precipitation data for the previous day are also shown for the stations closest to the center of the zip code.

Why won’t my zip code work?

The Drought in My Backyard tool will only show information for zip codes that contain delivery routes. It will not return values for zip codes that only contain PO Boxes. We make every effort to ensure our zip code database is the most recent available from the US Postal Service but sometimes there is a delay in updating. For either of these issues, please try an adjoining zip code and let us know there is a problem. We’ll do our best to correct it as soon as possible.