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News Items from April 2018

Drought Task Force Publishes NIDIS-MAPP Drought & Temperature Research

Temperature and Drought Report

In an effort to better understand temperature, and its relationship with drought, NOAA’s Modelling, Analysis, Predictions, and Projections (MAPP) Program Drought Task Force teamed up with NIDIS and set out to research how temperature factors...Read the article

NIDIS & MAPP Launch “Story Map” Telling the Story of the Historic California Drought

California Drought: 2011-2017: A Story about the Historic Drought, a partnership of MAPP and NIDIS

NIDIS and MAPP have launched an interactive "Story Map" that visually describes the historic California drought from 2011 to 2017Read the article

Data, Maps, & Resources for Snow Drought now Live on

An image taken at 8,000 feet above sea level in the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains shows very little snow on the ground.

Snow drought driven by above normal temperatures and below normal precipitation across the Western United States prompted the development of a snow drought page on which features data for snowpack, snow water equivalent, stream flow, stream temperatures, and more, in an effort to provide updated, reliable snow drought information...Read the article

NIDIS Hits the Road: Showcasing drought early warning across the country

NIDIS Booth at the National Water Center Showcase

Last week NIDIS was represented coast-to-coast in a series of conferences, symposiums, and stakeholder meetings focused on drought, precipitation, and water. NIDIS staff members were in California, Washington, Oregon, Nebraska, Indiana, Washington, D.C., and Alabama presenting news and updates about NIDIS and drought early warning to a range of stakeholders,...Read the article