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News Items from May 2019

Flash Drought: New Reports Examine the 2017 Northern Plains Drought

Photo of a dry corn field

The 2017 Northern Plains drought sparked wildfires, destroyed livestock, and reduced agricultural production. Neither the drought’s swift onset nor its severity were forecast. In May 2017, the region was mostly drought-free and at least average summer precipitation was forecast.Read the article

NIDIS Partners with the University of Colorado to Enhance Tribal Engagement and Understand Drought Impacts on Outdoor Recreation

Whitewater rafters battling rapids

NIDIS and the University of Colorado-Boulder Masters of the Environment Program are teaming up on two drought-related research projects.Read the article

Improving Fire Risk Management With Drought Early Warning Information in California and Nevada

Silhouettes of firefighters carrying a hose up a dry hillside.

California and Nevada’s climate and weather patterns create fire-prone environments for many wildland–urban interface communities, highlighting the value in understanding the relationships between drought and wildfire. More specifically, information is needed on how drought indices are related to fire danger outputs that are commonly used in fire management.Read the article

NASA DEVELOP Analyzes Drought Impacts on Urban Tree Recovery in Texas

Sample of NASA DEVELOP Texas Water Resources Project Imagery

To investigate if satellite data can be used instead to provide estimates on how urban trees respond to widespread drought, TFS and the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Station partnered with the NASA DEVELOP program.Read the article