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News Items from October 2019

Southeast Drought Status Update - October 2019

Thumbnail of the Southeast region of the United States Drought Monitor showing patches of red, orange, and yellow in the region.

As of October 17, 2019, the Southeast is experiencing a ‘Flash Drought’. Drought conditions increased throughout the month of September due to extreme dryness and warmer than average temperatures for most of the region. The exceptions include the eastern Carolinas and southern Florida, which were impacted by Hurricane Dorian.Read the article

Predicting Flash Drought

Image showing green grass on one side and a brown field on the other

Flash drought has recently developed in the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast regions. The prediction of flash droughts on subseasonal timescales is of critical importance for impact assessment, disaster mitigation, and loss prevention.Read the article

Have You Thought About Drought?

Headshot of David LaFrance

One thing that became very clear to David LaFrance at National Drought Forum: even if you think you know about drought, there is still more to learn.Read the article