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Northeast Climate Region

Northeast Regional Climate Center

Northeast Drought Forum Summary: 2016 Drought Assessment & Building Drought Early Warning Capacity


Summarizes information and results of two Northeast drought forums held in winter 2017, the first in New York State on Feb. 27 and the second in Massachusetts on March 1. The meetings wers designed to 

  • conduct an assessment of the 2016 drought in the Northeast; 
  • understand specific impacts that occurred, and actions that would have strengthened drought response through the drought period; and 
  • identify what types of drought indicators, messages, and early warning capacity are needed to improve drought preparedness and resilience.
  • ...

La Nina, Winter Climate and Ocean Patterns for the Eastern Region - December 2016

Ellen Mecray, Northeast Regional Climate Center

Describes typical La Niña winter patterns, Madden-Julian Oscillation, Arctic Oscillation, North Atlantic Oscillation; ocean patterns including the Gulf Stream, Labrador Current, and Arctic sea ice; give outlook for winter temperatures and precipitation.


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