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Weather Variability and Its Impacts on Forest Health - May 17

Event Date & Time

Wednesday, 2017, May 17 - 1:00pm

This webinar will discuss the impact weather and climate have on forest health and productivity. We will discuss short- and long-term impacts of droughts, floods, winds, and ice on insect and fungal populations and damage in southern forests. 

The webinar is scheduled for May 17, 2017 at 1:00 pm US/Eastern.

North America has experienced some intense weather events in recent years, with the drought that occurred in fall 2016 in the southeastern U.S as the most recent example.  This drought contributed to forest fires that ravaged forested areas across the region, particularly in the Gatlinburg, TN area.  In 2015, Hurricane Matthew brought flooding to much of the Carolinas, and previous hurricanes have impacted natural areas in the same way.  An ice storm in 2014 caused severe damage to timber in several Georgia counties.  There is no doubt weather plays a major role in forest health and productivity.  This webinar will cover the impacts of weather and climate on forest health and productivity, resistance and susceptibility to pests, and how we can better manage forests to deal with future weather-related issues.

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