Current Conditions

At the end of May 2016, El Nino conditions returned to normal and NOAA estimates a 75% chance of a La Nina during Fall/Winter of 2016-17. According to NOAA, May 2016 was the hottest May in the 137 year record at 0.87C above average. In Europe, drought conditions remain in the higher latitudes this month and have begun expanding into Central Europe. In Asia, drought remains in the Southeast as well as parts of India. In India, roughly one-third of the population is affected by drought with some parts facing massive water shortages. Drought and heat continue to affect Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia resulting in water shortages and decimated crops and herds. In Africa, short-term drought remains entrenched in the South as well as around the equator. In Malawi, 8.4 million people, over half of the population, are in need of food aid since crops have been decimated by drought. This is more than triple the estimated number affected in April. In North America, drought remains entrenched in the higher latitudes, especially across western Canada and has expanded in the Northeast part of the continent. Snowpack in British Columbia was below 55% of average, which is leading to reduced streamflow. In South America, drought intensified again in eastern Brazil while continuing to improve in the South. In Brazil, corn crops have been decimated for a second year. In Oceania, drought improved in western Australia but remained entrenched in other areas, especially in northern New Zealand.

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