North American Drought Monitor Workshop

When: June 17-19, 2014
Where: Toronto, Ontario, Canada



The bi-annual North American Drought Monitor Forum will take place June 17-19, 2014.  This meeting brings together authors of the North American Drought Monitor from the Canada, the U.S., and Mexico, as well as scientists, stakeholders, and contributors with the goal of advancing the Drought Monitor.




Workshop Agenda


Presentations From the Meeting 

Day 1

Session 1: NADM Process and Procedures

Overview of NADM - Trevor Hadwen (AACF) and Richard Heim (NOAA)

US Current Drought and Associated Impacts - Mark Svoboda (NDMC) and Veva Deheza (NOAA)

US Dept of Agriculture Drought Activities, relief and Farm Bill Part 1 Part 2- Brad Rippey and Mark Brusberg (USDA)

Drought Monitoring in Mexico - Reynaldo Pascual Ramirez (CONAGUA)

Session 2: North American Climate Services Partnership (NACSP)

NACSP - Sylvian Deland (Env Canada)

NADM Role in NACSP - Trevor Hadwen (AAFC) & Richard Heim (NOAA)

Global Drought Information System - WMO Framework and the GEO Work Plan - Mike Brewer (NOAA)

NADM User Engagement: Examples of User Engagement and Drought Products - Veva Deheza (NOAA)

Discussion on the value of NADM and user engagement

Day 2

Session 3: Drought Impacts

Drought impact Reporter - Mark Svoboda (NDMC)

Agroclimate Impact Reporter - Dwayne Chobanik (AAFC)

CoCoRaHS USA: Incorporating Drought Impact Reporting - Becky Bolinger (CSU)

Discussion on drought impacts

Session 4: Remotely Sensed Drought Indicators

The Canadian VegDRI Pilot Study - Tsegaye Tadesse (NDMC)

Remote Sensing: Prospects for North American-wide Drought Monitoring - Jesslyn Brown (USGS)

Soil Moisture - Catharine Champagne (AAFC)

Canadian Land Data Assimilation System - Stephanie Belair (Env Canada)

Session 5: Regional Drought Monitoring

Agricultural Drought Monitoring and Reporting in Alberta - Daniel Itenfisu, AARD

Agricultural Drought Monitoring in Saskatchewan - Mile Grimsrud (Saskatchewan Mininstry of Ag)

Colorado Drought Monitoring - Beck Bolinger (CSU)

Drought Management Planning Pilot Project - Planning for Drought on a Watershed Basis - Scott Bates (Ontario Min of Nat Res)

Innisfil Creek Drought Management Pilot Project - Ryan Post (Nottawasaga Valley Conervation Authority)

Ontario Groundwater Indicator for Low Water Response - Scott MacRitchie (Ontarion Ministry of the Env)

Mapping Sensitivity of Moisture Deficits to Past and Future Changes in Climate in Canada's Boreal Zone - David Prince (NRCan)

Day 3

Session 6: Drought Indices and Data

Extending the Role of the CFFDRS Drought Code in the North American Drought Monitor - Richard Carr (NRCan)

The Floating Month Drought Index - Supporting Drought Monitor Analysis - Richard Heim (NOAA)

The National Drought Risk Atlas - Mark Svoboda (NDMC)

Canadian Precipitation Analysis (CaPA) - Vincent Fortin & Marco Carrera (Env Canada)

Canadian Drought Data and Analysis - Xuebin Zhang (Env Canada)

Canadian Drought Data - Tony Colavecchia (Env Canada)

CoCoRaHS Canada Update - Ian Nichols (Weather innovations)

Session 7: NADM Process and Technical Discussion

NADM Website Usage - Mike Brewer (NOAA)

General Discussion of Technical Issues - Mike Brewer (NOAA)

  • Coordinating the sharing of climate data
  • ArcGIS issues
  • NIDIS portal products and process in support of NADM
  • Web Services

Next Steps



Audio Recordings from the Meeting (Adobe Connect)

Day 1

Day 2 Part 1

Day 2 Part 2

Day 3

Meeting location and Hotel:

Holiday Inn Downtowne Centre,
30 Calrton St, Toronto, ON

See the Announcement for more information.