2016 North American Drought, Wildfire, and Climate Services Forum

Where: Fort Worth, Texas
When: June 21-23, 2016

The biennial North American Drought Monitor Forum will join the North American Fire Forecasting Workshop and the North American Climate Services Partnership to host a joint meeting in 2016. The Agenda will cover all three issues and look for commonalities and partnering opportunities.

Venue: Sheraton, Fort Worth
For more registration, hotel, and logistics, please visit the UCAR site.
Book your room at the Sheraton using the meeting code.
Fort Worth Dining Guide
Detailed Agenda
Goals and Objectives

General Schedule:
Tuesday June 21: Fire Forecasting
  History of the North American Wildland Fire Outlook
  US, Canadian, and Mexico Wildland Fire Outlook Process
  Forecasting and Modeling Challenges
  Users, Coordination, and Data Sharing

Wednesday June 22: Drought Monitoring
  Drought Monitoring Processes and Methodologies
  Drought Monitoring Tools and Scientific Advances
  Applications and Users
  Drought Outlooks

Thursday June 23: Climate Services
  North American Climate Services Partnership
  Drought and Water Management
  Fire, Drought, and Climate Services
  Understanding User Needs and Transboundary Capabilities