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Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS): Paleoclimate

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Climate Assessment for the Southwest (CLIMAS, a NOAA RISA team)

This CLIMAS Paleoclimate web page provides information on how scientists use “climate proxies” to reconstruct past events.

The SW Paleoclimate Tool provides detailed paleoclimate information for Arizona and New Mexico climate divisions and allows users to visualize the climate variability during the past 1,000 years or so in each climate division in Arizona and New Mexico.

How to

How to use this site:

  • Use the information to learn about how scientists reconstruct past events
  • Use the CLIMAS SW Paleoclimate Tool to learn more about the Southwest


CLIMAS Paleoclimate: view Southwest Paleoclimate page

CLIMAS Paleoclimate Tool: use the map to view reconstructed data for Arizona/New Mexico State Climate Divisions