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Intermountain West Ski Dashboard

Associated Agencies

Colorado Climate Center

The Intermountain West Ski Dashboard was created as a resource for decision makers within the ski industry in the Intermountain West (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming). The Dashboard is organized into three major categories: short-term, seasonal, and long-term. 

  • The short-term dashboard is aimed at providing current observations and short-term forecasts relevant for ski areas, including observed snowfall and snow depth, 72-hour forecast accumulations, and short-term forecasted hazards. 
  • The seasonal dashboard includes outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center, ENSO forecasts and updates, and snowpack projections. 
  • The long-term dashboard contains links to some useful climate projection resources, and climatologies and trends for stations near ski areas. 

The Intermountain West Ski Dashboard was created by the Colorado Climate Center, with funding from NIDIS.