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NIDIS & Soil Moisture

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Balancing the Water Budget: Advancements in Soil Moisture Monitoring

Soil moisture is a vital part of the water budget, yet an accurate depiction of this variable has been a serious challenge over the past several decades. In response to this need, NIDIS, USDA, and other federal, state, and academic partners are working to develop a strategy for nationwide monitoring of soil moisture, along with new soil moisture product development. 

The goals of the National Coordinated Soil Moisture Monitoring Network (NCSMMN) are to establish a national network that integrates multiple soil moisture data sources across federal and state in-situ monitoring networks, satellite remote sensing missions, and numerous modeling capabilities, and to build both research and operational capacity to deliver real-time, easy-to-understand products and tools that will support better hazard early warning systems, improve crop production and resilience, and benefit many additional groups.

This 2018 document provides an overview of the NCSMMN, highlights NIDIS-funded research to support soil moisture monitoring and product development, and details important partnership activities.

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NIDIS & Soil Moisture