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This updated NIDIS Implementation Plan reflects the second phase of NIDIS development and deployment as reauthorized by Congress in 2014. It details NIDIS’s evolution and lessons learned in moving towards a national drought early warning information system, and reflects the thoughtful feedback and participation of NIDIS’s partners.


  • NIDIS Implementation Activities
    • Regional Drought Early Warning Information Systems
    • Integrated Research and Monitoring
    • Drought Planning and Preparedness
    • Collaboration with Existing Programs and Partners
    • U.S. Drought Portal
  • Implementing the Next Phase of NIDIS 
  • The Role of Consultation in the Development of NIDIS 
    • NIDIS Executive Council 
    • NIDIS Program Office 
    • NIDIS Working Groups 
    • NIDIS Priorities for 2016-2020 
  • NIDIS Development and Milestones
    • Education and Public Awareness
    • Planning and Preparedness
    • Observations and Monitoring
    • Predictions and Forecasting
    • Interdisciplinary Research and Applications
    • The U.S. Drought Portal