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Identifying and Quantifying Triggers, Time Scales, and Tools to Support Management of Different Drought Types in the Northeastern United States

Project Timeline
September 2019 - August 2021

This objective of this project, led by researchers from the Desert Research Institute, University of Colorado, and Cornell University, was to identify the most effective drought indicators for hydrologic and agricultural drought monitoring in the Northeast drought early warning system (DEWS) region (New York and New England). This includes identifying appropriate time scales related to long-term and short-term drought, and identifying responsive indicators of flash drought development. Another objective was to quantify historical snow droughts, including determining the most appropriate methods and data sources for snow drought analysis given the lack of monitoring stations that measure snow water equivalent, and identifying impacts on summer droughts. This research is funded by NIDIS through the FY 2019 Coping with Drought research competition.

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Key Partners
Desert Research Institute
University of Colorado
Cornell University
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