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Interactive Map: Public Health and Drought

Drought can result in short- and long-term health consequences that can challenge, public health departments, healthcare providers, and emergency departments. For example, drought can lead to decreased water quantity and quality, increased incidence of illness or disease, increased mortality rates, and adverse mental health outcomes as livelihoods are challenged. Use the interactive map below to explore public health data alongside drought and climate conditions. Or, view a full-screen version of this map.

How To Use This Map:

  • Select a map layer from the left menu bar. Use the eye icon to add or remove layers from the map and the arrow icons to adjust the opacity of the layer.
  • In the right sidebar, view detailed map information, including legends, descriptions, and data sources for each of the map layers.
  • Use the basemap icon in the top left corner of the map to change the basemap, or use the magnifying glass icon to search for a specific location.