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Drought Impact Reporter (DIR)

Associated Agencies

National Drought Mitigation Center (NDMC)

The Drought Impact Reporter (DIR) dashboard presents drought impacts recorded for states, counties, and cities. According to the National Drought Mitigation Center, "impacts have been systematically culled from daily media reports since July 2005, most relating to present drought, but a few reports have been about historic droughts. The earliest impacts are dated 1850."

The National Drought Mitigation Center launched the Drought Impact Reporter in 2005; it was developed with funding from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Risk Management Agency.

How to

What can I do with these data?

  • View reported impacts at the national, state, county or city scale

How do I use the site?

  • Interactive Map: Use the tools to modify the map viewer.
  • Use the left sidebar to select map overlays top display or to filter results by time period, geographic location, impact category, and report type.
  • Use the right sidebar to view more details, including information on how to use the dashboard, RSS feeds, and contact information.


Drought Impact Reporter Dashboard: DIR interactive map viewer