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Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Southeast Region - September 2023

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Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Southeast Region for June–August 2023. Dated September 2023.

Temperatures were near to below average across northern and interior portions of the Southeast. In contrast, temperatures were 2 to 4 degrees F above average across southern portions of Alabama, Georgia, and much of Florida and the Caribbean. Above-average precipitation was found across interior portions of the region, Puerto Rico, and along the East Coast of Florida. Precipitation was below average across the northern Gulf Coast, West Coast of Florida, northeast North Carolina, northern Virginia, and U.S. Virgin Islands.

NOAA’s Regional Climate Services Program created these climate outlooks to inform the public about recent climate impacts within their respective regions. Each regional report contains easy-to-understand language, and anyone can access them through the Drought Portal.

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