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Characteristics, Predictability, and Risk of Mississippi and Ohio River Valley Drought

NIDIS Supported Research
NIDIS-Supported Research
Main Summary

This project aims to build a predictive understanding of drought and to quantify the risk of droughts with certain characteristics in the Lower and Upper Mississippi and Ohio River Basins. This project will do this by investigating the physical characteristics, potential predictability of those characteristics, risk of those characteristics, and whether climate change alters those risks during three drought phases: onset, persistence, and demise. Results from this research study will be made available through this page and the Midwest drought early warning system (DEWS) email list.

For more information, please contact Molly Woloszyn (

Research Snapshot

Research Timeline
Fall 2019 – Summer 2022
Principal Investigator(s)
Andy Hoell, NOAA
Project Funding
Focus Areas (DEWS Components)

What to Expect from This Research

The project team will use various media to communicate the results of this project on the characteristics, predictability, and risk of Mississippi and Ohio River Valley drought: 

  1. Multiple two-page summaries to advertise project accomplishments to the Midwest DEWS partners and other stakeholders:
  2. Presentations to NOAA economists on the risk of drought characteristics so they can use that information to quantify the economic impact of droughts. 
  3. Journal articles to appear in the scientific literature, including:
  4. A final report, which summarizes the key results of the proposed work. 

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Research Scope
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