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Toward an Improved Understanding of Rapid Transitions in Precipitation Extremes and Risk Assessment for the Midwest

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Main Summary

The Midwest region regularly experiences precipitation extremes, both flood and drought. However, these extremes and their corresponding impacts are typically studied and communicated independently, without consideration of the compound impacts due to a rapid transition from one extreme to the other (this study will refer to this type of event as a rapid transition in extremes, or RTE). Currently, there exist tremendous knowledge gaps regarding (1) the risk RTEs pose to the Midwest, (2) the large-scale drivers of RTE events, and (3) how future climate change is expected to alter RTE frequency and risk. This project seeks to address these knowledge gaps and improve our understanding of RTEs, their causes, and the risk they pose to the Midwest.

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Research Snapshot

Research Timeline
May 2020 – August 2022
Principal Investigator(s)
Trent Ford, University of Illinois
Project Funding
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What to expect from this research

The findings from this research will be distributed throughout the Midwest DEWS network (research findings, reports, presentation, etc.).

View a webinar presentation summarizing the results of this research:

Read the peer-reviewed articles resulting from this research:

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