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Oregon/Washington Water Year 2019 Recap and 2020 Outlook Meeting

Event Date & Time

Tuesday, November 5, 2019 - 9:15am to 3:15pm
Pacific Time
Portland, OR

The Oregon-Washington Water Year 2019 Recap and 2020 Outlook Meeting is a one-day workshop held to review the climate events and impacts of the 2019 water year, provide forecast information for the upcoming water year, and learn about new resources on drought and climate variability. The collective debrief on impacts of the past water year is critical for identifying vulnerabilities and opportunities for increasing drought and general climate resilience. One goal of this year’s meeting is to increase participation of water and hydropower utilities, especially smaller and rural utilities. Remote workshop access will be available to increase access and participation in the Water Year meeting, though in-person participation is encouraged.

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