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The Work Plan is a two-year road map organized under three broad tasks:

  • Task 1 – Drought Early Warning and Risk Management: The MRB States: Task 1 will focus on improving data and information for drought risk management at the state level. Examples of activities include drought scenario exercises, improving technical capacity of State Drought Task Forces, and working with watershed groups to improve resilience to drought.
  • Task 2 - Drought Early Warning and Risk Management: The MRB Tribes: This task is a set of activities centered around working with the MRB Tribes to improve drought data and information and effectively communicating that information to tribal governments.
  • Task 3 – Across Basin Activities: Task 3 focuses on improvements in drought monitoring and forecasts, such as improving soil moisture and snow monitoring as described in the 2014 Water Resources and Reform Development Act, improving the monthly Midwest/Great Plains Early Warning Webinars, improving Missouri Basin quarterly and extremes summaries, and improving partnerships with U.S. Department of Agriculture, DOI Climate Science Center & Landscape Conservation Cooperatives, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.
May 1, 2016