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Looking to Download Data? The team reformats data from multiple partners into web- and GIS-ready formats, which we use throughout These data are free for all to download.
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CLIMAS provides information on how scientists use “climate proxies” to reconstruct past events, and a tool that allows users to visualize the climate variability during the past 1,000 years or so i

Selected research papers, reports, and other resources which show the current state-of-knowledge and the progress in our understanding of the variability of climate and hydrology in the Colorado Ri

 The U.S. Drought Portal's Historical Data & Conditions Tool displays three historical drought datasets side by side on an interactive time series graph and map: U.S.

The Living Blended Drought Atlas (LBDA) is a recalibrated data series of June-July-August Palmer Modified Drought Index (PMDI) values by United States climate division, compiled by blending tree-ri