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2021–2024 Midwest Drought Early Warning System Strategic Action Plan

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The purpose of the 2021–2024 Midwest Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Strategic Action Plan is to identify priorities, outcomes, and activities the Midwest DEWS plans to undertake together to improve drought early warning and preparedness for the region.

In order to inform an update to the Midwest DEWS Strategic Plan, a regional partners meeting was held in November 2019 to discuss the current activities and priorities moving forward. Through this consultative process with regional partners, five priorities and a series of outcomes and actions were identified. These were also vetted through a plan review opportunity for the partners of the Midwest DEWS, virtual input sessions in May 2020, and one-on-one discussions. The list of activities in this Strategic Action Plan are intended to be accomplished in partnership with those and other stakeholders in the region. NIDIS may take a leadership role in some activities, and may take a supportive role in others that are led by partners. 

This 4-year Strategic Action Plan will be in effect from 2021 through 2024. The plan is considered a living document and through Midwest DEWS meetings, priority activities will be selected, actions can be added, and the plan may be adjusted to address emerging issues as needed. 

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Cover page of the 2021–2024 Midwest DEWS Strategic Action Plan, featuring rolling hills in the Midwest U.S.
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