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Intermountain West Drought Early Warning System 2017-2018 Strategic Plan

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NOAA/NIDIS, Climate Assessment for the Southwest, Western Water Assessment
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Strategic Plans
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The 2017–2018 Intermountain West (IMW) Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) Strategic Plan outlines priority tasks and activities across the region to build drought early warning capacity and resilience.  It includes a list of current partners, outcomes, and key milestones. This Plan is a “living document” to which additional actions and partners may be added as needed. 

The development of the IMW DEWS Strategic Plan relied upon the knowledge, experience, and contributions of many dedicated individuals, organizations and partnerships. Stakeholders from across the region, including federal, tribal, state, local, academic, and non-profit organizations and entities, assisted the National Integrated Drought Information System, CLIMAS, and the Western Water Assessment (WWA) (both NOAA RISA teams), and others in developing the IMW DEWS Strategic Plan.

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Cover page of the Intermountain West DEWS 2017-2018 strategic plan
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Intermountain West