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Developing National Soil Moisture Products to Improve Drought Monitoring, Phase 2

NIDIS Supported Research
NIDIS-Supported Research
Main Summary

The primary goal of this collaborative project is to continue the development of national-scale in situ soil moisture information for multiple, diverse applications across the contiguous United States. This objective will be accomplished via four tasks:

  1. Sustain and enhance 
  2. Validate and improve the accuracy of soil moisture products in forests 
  3. Develop improved products for uncertainty propagation 
  4. Develop a soil moisture-based flash drought early warning product

For more information, contact Marina Skumanich at

Research Snapshot

Research Timeline
August 2020 – September 2023
Project Funding
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What to expect from this research

  • Enhanced national soil moisture map/information product (currently residing at, including improved accuracy for forests
  • Uncertainty layer addition to the soil moisture map/information product
  • Flash drought early warning product using soil moisture

Related Data & Maps

The research-based website provides high-resolution gridded soil moisture products derived from in situ soil moisture measurements, Natural Resources Conserva

Key Regions

Research Scope