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The California-Nevada DEWS Strategic Plan outlines priority tasks and activities that build upon existing stakeholder networks to improve drought early warning capacity and long-term resilience in California and Nevada. It includes a list of current partners, outcomes, and key milestones. This Plan is a “living document” to which additional actions and partners may be added as needed. Dedicated partners across California and Nevada contributed to the development of the CA-NV DEWS Strategic Plan, including federal, tribal, state, local, academic, and non-profit organizations and entities such as: California-Nevada Climate Applications Program (CNAP), a NOAA Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessments (RISA) team; Desert Research Institute (DRI); and NOAA’s Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC).

NOAA/NIDIS, California-Nevada Climate Applications Program (CNAP), and Western Regional Climate Center (WRCC)
August 31, 2017