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Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Prairies and High Plains - December 2023

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Environment and Climate Change Canada and NOAA
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Quarterly Climate Impacts and Outlook for the Canadian and U.S. Prairies and High Plains for September–November 2023, with an outlook for January–March 2024. Dated December 2023. 

The Prairies and High Plains generally experienced warmer fall conditions, except the area that borders Montana and the Dakotas. Precipitation was well below normal for much of the Prairies, with parts of central Alberta receiving less than 30% of its seasonal amount.

Environment and Climate Change Canada, NOAA, and partners created these climate outlooks to inform the public about recent climate impacts within their respective regions. Each regional report contains easy-to-understand language, and anyone can access them through the U.S. Drought Portal

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Missouri River Basin
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High Plains