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cover of report; shows report titleOn March 21, 2016, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum directing Federal agencies to build national capabilities for long-term drought resilience. The President tasked the National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP) to work collaboratively to deliver on a Federal Action Plan including six goals and 27 associated actions to promote drought resilience nationwide. Importantly, these goals reflect many of the priorities identified by the on-the-ground leaders and experts who work daily to build a more resilient future for their communities. The actions are designed to complement state, regional, tribal and local drought preparedness, planning and implementation efforts. 

Federal agencies have mobilized to provide improved information and data, emergency and planning assistance, landscape-scale land management improvements, and investments in new technologies and approaches to water resource management. Continued drought conditions in the West and projections of more extreme droughts in the future underscore the urgency to pursue long term solutions for protecting our water resources and the communities and ecosystems that depend on them. 

This report highlights accomplishments against the President’s Action Plan and provides an overview of some of the Administration’s work on drought response since 2009. It is the first of what will be regular updates on the NDRP’s commitment to work across federal agencies to deliver on-the-ground results. 


National Drought Resilience Partnership
August 31, 2016