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NOTICE: The 2019 Biennial U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM) Forum in Bowling Green, KY, initially scheduled for March 19-21, 2019, will be postponed until later this year (Date To Be Determined). With the uncertainty of another federal government shutdown after Feb. 15, the backlog of work that must be completed from the recent shutdown, and several USDM authors that could not now attend the Forum in mid-March, all 11 USDM authors voted for postponement. 

This future date will be determined between the USDM authors and the sponsors of the Forum (e.g. Kentucky Climate Center, Kentucky Division of Water, and Western Kentucky University) based upon availability of the sponsors and the Knicely Center, but most likely in the early Fall (mid- to late September 2019). Once the official final dates are determined, we will re-announce the USDM Forum information. 

The original NDMC registration link for the 2019 USDM Forum has been deactivated and will be replaced with a new one once the future dates are determined. We are very sorry about this postponement, but under the circumstances, we all feel that this is the most prudent decision. We hope that everyone who had already registered can still attend later this year, as well as those who could not make it in mid-March will now be able to. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


David Miskus (CPC),
Richard Heim (NCEI),
Stuart Foster (Kentucky Climate Center),
Edward Zimmer (Kentucky Division of Water),
and the U.S. Drought Monitor authors.