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NIDIS partnerships exist throughout the country, taking place nationwide and at all levels of government and community. NIDIS works across the federal family, including collaborations with the agencies listed below.

Collaboration at Multiple Levels

The completion of a fully operational national integrated drought early warning information system is fundamental to creating a more drought-resilient nation. NIDIS, with its strong interagency, intergovernmental, and private partnerships, is well positioned to deliver that system to the nation, by directing efforts toward reducing risk in drought-sensitive sectors and regions and engendering awareness of the drought hazard, its links to vulnerability, and opportunities for action. By building upon existing programs and partnerships, NIDIS is advancing proactive responses to drought-related risk, and strengthening preparedness strategies and plans that increase our country’s resilience in the face of drought.

NIDIS works to ensure drought efforts are effectively coordinated and integrated at multiple levels of government and community: federal, regional, state, local, tribal, academic, nonprofit, and private sector.

National Drought Resilience Partnership

Drought affects all facets of our society, from food production to water quality to public health, and there is a growing need to help communities, agriculture, businesses, and individuals threatened by drought to plan accordingly. With a focus on building long-term drought resilience, the National Drought Resilience Partnership (NDRP) is a federal partnership that is dedicated to helping communities better prepare for future droughts and reducing the impact of drought events on livelihoods and the economy.