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Vegetation Drought Response Index (VegDRI)
VegDRI maps are produced every two weeks and provide regional to sub-county scale information about drought's effects on vegetation. (Click for actual conditions)
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The Evaporative Stress Index (ESI) uses remotely sensed land-surface temperature time-change signals to describe anomalies in evapotranspiration.(Click for actual conditions)
Vegetation Health Indices
Vegetation Health Indices help estimate vegetation health, moisture condition, thermal condition and more. (Click for actual conditions)
NOAA Global Vegetation Maps
A selection of worldwide maps monitoring different aspects vegetation health. (Click for actual conditions)
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Interactive web application for single and comparative views of Wildland Fire Assessment data. (Click to use the tool)
GRACE-based Surface Soil Moisture Drought Indicator
Maps show how much water is stored now as a probability of occurrence in the record from 1948 to present. (Click for actual conditions)