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Drought Portal News

Book provides "fresh approaches" to tackling preparation for drought

Cover of Drought and Water Crises

The new edition of Drought and Water Crises: Integrating Science, Management, and Policy emphasizes the paradigm shift from managing disasters to managing risk, reflecting a global emphasis.Read the article

Citizen scientists: Help monitor drought by reporting observations

CoCoRaHS has a national network of condition monitoring observers, who provide on-the-ground impacts information to support drought monitoring and reporting. Want to join them? New training materials are available.Read the article

Online help for drought-impacted populations worldwide

Text says "Ask" with large question mark and "i" representing information.

The World Meteorological Organization and the Global Water Partnership and their partners have created a HelpDesk to promote international integrated drought managment. The intereactive site offers policy guidance, scientific information, and best practices....Read the article

Forecast Rodeo: Four months down, eight to go!

fever chart shows top 5 team scores competing for weeks 3&4 temperature forecast as of Sept 5 2017

Team standings are tightening in the Sub-Seasonal Climate Forecast Rodeo, and upcoming cool-season forecasts will play a big role in determining who brings home a piece of $800,000 in prizes.Read the article

August webinars spotlight conditions in Northern Plains and beyond

sparse vegetation and dried up ground

Each month NIDIS and partners present information about drought conditions and the outlook for various regions around the U.S.Read the article

Regional DEWS coordinators join NIDIS

Map of regional Drought Early Warning Systems in the continental US

NIDIS welcomes Amanda Sheffield for the CA-NV DEWS and Elizabeth Weight for the Intermountain West and Southern Plains DEWS regions.Read the article

Got drought? Let the Drought Impact Reporter know

detail of Drought Impact Reporter home page showing map of US and dozens of impacts being reported in MT, ND and SD

U.S. Drought Monitor authors use multiple sources of data and monitoring information to build the map each week, including reports on local drought impacts. The most effective way to communicate those impacts is through the Drought Impact Reporter....Read the article

Exceptional drought expands in Northern Plains

US Drought Monitor map of Missouri River Basin for July 25, 2017 shows abnormal dryness and drought conditions affecting more than 70% of the region

The Dakotas and eastern Montana have seen drought worsen rapidly since April. NIDIS partners in the Missouri River Basin Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) have ramped up their communications efforts in response.Read the article

QuickDRI alerts farmers, fire managers to impending drought

map of continental US shows "wetter" and "drier" locations

This new tool analyzes four drought indicators – precipitation, soil moisture, vegetation health and evaporative moisture loss from plants — all at once to better "see" drought conditions emerge before traditional drought-monitoring tools.Read the article

New tools help visualize the future of drought

US map shows High Plains, Southeast with very low likelihood

If we don’t get any rain for the rest of the month, what are the chances the drought will get better? The Drought Termination and Amelioration tools can help you see what’s possible – and what’s likely.Read the article

Regional outlooks summarize drought conditions, impacts, what's ahead

first page of outlook document for Southeast


Read the latest regional reports on climate and drought impacts, with an overview of forecast conditions for the first half of 2017. Read the article

Forecast Rodeo in full swing

Bureau of Reclamation poster announcing, "Saddle up for the Sub-Seasonal Climate Forecasting Rodeo!"

Eight teams are vying for up to $800,000 in prizes by demonstrating their sub-seasonal forecasting skill in this real-time competition.Read the article

Highlighting drought's effects on agriculture

US map shows milk cow production areas experiencing drought

New website offers information on areas where drought is impacting crops and livestock. Maps, data tables, time series graphs and animations appear weekly, a collaboration of the USDA and NDMC.Read the article

Drought at a glance in the Intermountain West

map of Wyomnig, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico shows scattered abnormal dryness (D0) and moderate drought in central Colorado, southern Arizona and southwestern New Mexico

What’s up with drought in Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico? The Colorado Climate Center provides weekly updates, and biweekly webinars.Read the article

Outlook through summer: U.S. mostly drought-free

Map of US shows drought lingering in SoCal, sw AZ, GA, parts of SC, HI; otherwise greatly improved!

The Climate Prediction Center’ Seasonal Outlook shows significant improvement in the nation’s drought conditions through August 31.Read the article