As of August 9-15, 2017, drought (D1-D4) is impacting:


of the US and 11.3% of the lower 48 states.

18.4 million

people in the U.S. and 17.8 in the lower 48 states.

Temperatures were cooler than average for much of the contiguous U.S. this week, including 4-8 degrees F below average across a large part of the Plains and Midwest. With the below-average temperatures came a lot of rain in some regions, notably across northern Texas and much of Oklahoma, where rainfall was more than 600% of normal for this time of year. There were also substantial rains in parts of Wyoming, Nebraska, parts of the Dakotas, and in many places across the Southeast. Rainfall was below average in southern Texas, parts of the Midwest, Northeast, and Northwest, particularly in Montana where wildfires are prevalent. In contrast, Washington and Oregon saw temperatures more than 4 degrees above average for the period.