As of May 10-16, 2017, drought (D1-D4) is impacting:


of the US and 5.6% of the lower 48 states.

34.6 million

people in the U.S. and 34.5 in the lower 48 states.

This week rain fell across the Plains, Midwest, and mid-South; the middle and northern Atlantic States; and the Northwest. In contrast, mostly dry weather prevailed from California to the lower Rio Grande Valley, as well as large sections of the lower Southeast.  Drought changes were a mix of improvement and deterioration.  Specifically, warm, dry weather and short-term rainfall deficits in Texas led to significant increases in the coverage of abnormal dryness (D0) and moderate to severe drought (D1 to D2).  Also, hot, mostly dry conditions led to further expansion of moderate to extreme drought (D1 to D3) across southern Georgia and Florida’s peninsula.