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poster advertising the competiotionAnd they’re off: Solvers compete for up to $800,000 in prizes in the Subseasonal Forecast Rodeo!

The Bureau of Reclamation is sponsoring this year-long, real-time forecasting competition, focused on western U.S. temperature and precipitation, in partnership with NOAA, USGS, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Forecasts are issued every other week and evaluated as observed data become available. To be eligible for cash prizes, teams must outperform benchmark existing forecasts. Winners are anticipated to be announced in September of 2018.

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When will drought affect me? How long could it last? Choose a forecast product below to get information, forecasts, and outlooks on what could be ahead.

Read an explanation of the causes and variables going into the prediction of drought, from the National Drought Mitigation Center.