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Past Projects Funded through the NIDIS Coping with Drought Competition

Since 2007, the National Integrated Drought Information System (NIDIS) has funded more than 60 innovative drought research projects through the Coping with Drought research competition. Research through the Coping with Drought competition assesses impacts of drought on agriculture, ecosystems, and water resources and develops decision support tools for regional, state, and local use. Below is a list of past research projects NIDIS has supported through the Coping with Drought competition.

Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2019 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2018 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2016 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2015 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Climate Change Assessment and Adaptation Planning for River Basins with Estuarine Resources
  • Agricultural Drought Products and Linked Hydrologic Models to Improve Drought Delineation and Response in the Southeastern U.S.
  • Decadal Drought Risk Assessment and Scenario Development for Food and Bio-fuels Agriculture in Four Sub-basins in the Missouri River Basin
  • Climate forecast-aided Drought Decision Support for North Central Texas
  • Engaging Citizen Scientists to Ground-Truth the U.S. Drought Monitor

FY 2014 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Coping with Drought in California's Russian River Watershed
  • Using a Co-development Process to Improve, Integrate and Encourage Use of Drought Information and Adaptive Management of Livestock Grazing on National Forests
  • Developing a Basin-Wide Framework for Drought Forecasting and Planning in the Chesapeake Bay Region

FY 2013 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2012 Coping with Drought Projects

FY 2011 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Risk perception, Institutions, and Water Conservation: Enhancing Agricultural Adaptation to Future Water Scarcity in Central Arizona
  • Managing Demand and Rethinking Supply: Adaptation, Conservation, and Planning in the Drought-prone Southwestern United States and Northwest Mexico
  • Water Decisions for Sustainability of the Arbuckle-Simpson Aquifer
  • Collaborative Development of Public Water Supply Utility Relevant Climate Info for Improved Operations and Planning

FY 2010 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Reducing Drought Risks in the Southeast USA: Quantification of Drought Info  Value, Development of Drought Indices, and Communication of Dr Info
  • Evaluating Adaptive Policies for Urban Water Resource Management:  Interactions Between Short-Term Drought Responses and Long-Term Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
  • Assessing and Supporting Drought Monitoring Needs on the Hopi and Navajo Nations
  • Needs, Uses, Perceptions, and Attitudes towards Weather and Climate Forecast Information by Water Resource Managers in the Southeastern United States
  • Climate Change and Water Supply Security: Developing a Strategic Groundwater Reserve to Reduce Vulnerability to Extreme Drought

FY 2009 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Developing and Implementing a Regional Drought Decision Support System (RDDSS) for the Red River Basin (RRB) of the North (A Transferable NIDIS Template)
  • Integrating Socioeconomic Assessments to Build Community Resilience in Mitigating Drought
  • Using Climate Information to Predict and Reduce Residential Irrigation Demands
  • A Climate Information System To Enhance Drought Preparedness by Underserved Farmers In The Southeastern U.S.

FY 2008 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Development of a "Drought Ready Communities" Program
  • Reducing Forage Producers' Drought Vulnerability in the Southeastern USA
  • An Assessment of Decadal Drought Information Needs of Stakeholders and Policymakers in the Missouri River Basin for Decision Support
  • Linking Drought Forecasting and Response to Natural Resource Protection in the Big Bend Region of the Chihuahuan Desert

FY 2007 Coping with Drought Projects

  • Decision Support for Climate-Responsive Urban and Agricultural Water Supply and Demand
  • Sharpening Drought Plans by Considering Climate, the Watershed, the Regulatory Environment, and the Forces of Change. 
  • Developing Hydroclimatic Reconstructions for Water Resources Management in the Pacific Northwest
  • Development of a Drought Decision Support Portal for the Republican River Basin of Nebraska, Colorado, and Kansas 
  • Urban Supply Reliability Under Climate Change: Policy, Economics and Water Management