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Reports, Assessments and Outlooks in the Midwest DEWS



Collaborating for resilience: Interagency partnerships target drought and high-precipitation events - A report on activities leading up to the launch of the Midwest Drought Early Warning System.


  • 2016 Midwest DEWS Regional Assessment Workshops Report - A historical drought overview and climate outlook for the region, discussion of critical drought- related needs and challenges, exploration of available tools, local drought planning and management approaches, and strategy development to improve drought early warning and resiliency in the Midwest.
  • Midwest Climate Outlook and Drought Early Warning System Kickoff Meeting – Summary, February 2016. Use this link to find the agenda, participants and presentations from the event. 
  • DEWS planning workshops - Held in November in Louisville, KY and Bloomington, MN in 2015 to discuss the appropriate, relevant, useful and readily available drought-, climate-, weather-, and water-related information in the Midwest.  These workshop informed the DEWS launch.  
  • Midwest Drought Early Warning System Kickoff Meeting: A synopsis - Full report from the meeting, including highlights of presentations and panel discussion, priority needs and proposed actions, next steps, agenda, attendees and Midwest DEWS survey assessment.
  • Midwest Climate and Agriculture workshop - Held on Sep 29-Oct 1, 2015 in Champaign, IL convened Extension, federal agencies and organizations, private consultants, product developers, and researchers to discuss climate extremes and variability impacts on specialty crops and livestock. See the agenda
  • Midwest Mesonets for Climate Monitoring and Assessment Workshop - The workshop was convened in Champaign, IL on Sept 28-29, 2015 to collaborate on ways to have a consortium of local and regional observational data networks that provide sustained, organized, and reliable high-resolution observational data for the long-term  monitoring and assessment of surface climate conditions. See the agenda